We provide a blockchain platform that ensures seamless cryptocurrency transactions for everyone. Also, through our own digital wallet service, users can conduct transactions at their own convenience without having fear of mishandled data, stolen assets, or hacked accounts.


We are expanding our network!

We believe that interoperability will push ABBC to new horizons. This is why we will make ABBC Coin available in Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Tron, and more. With this, we will not only be the Future of Payment Security but will also contribute to building the world of decentralized finance.

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Our Exchanges



Market Cap




# Name Pair Price Volume
1 Bittrex ABBC/BTC $0.08220116 1,952
2 Gate.io ABBC/USDT $0.08224288 213,450
3 Coinall ABBC/BTC $0.17887461 3.047 M
4 Bithumb Global ABBC/BTC $0.08223903 178,212
5 BitForex ABBC/BTC $0.08223903 1.760 M
6 DigiFinex ABBC/BTC $0.08223903 1.860 M
7 Huobi Global ABBC/USDT $0.08220116 4.967 M
8 BW.com ABBC/BTC $0.29548167 4.442 M
9 P2PB2B ABBC/USD $0.15432000 4.027 M
10 Bibox ABBC/USDT $0.11131770 3.361 M
11 ZBG ABBC/USDT $0.08224288 3.313 M
12 Bitget ABBC/USDT $0.08231787 2.528 M
13 P2PB2B ABBC/BTC $0.10281193 2.387 M
14 DigiFinex ABBC/USDT $0.08223903 2.027 M
15 LBank ABBC/USDT $0.34793358 1.888 M
16 DigiFinex ABBC/ETH $0.08223903 1.652 M
17 LBank ABBC/BTC $0.33165838 1.649 M
18 BitForex ABBC/USDT $0.08223903 1.374 M
19 CoinTiger ABBC/BTC $0.08223903 1.118 M
20 MEXC ABBC/USDT $0.08228029 923,071
21 XT.COM ABBC/USDT $0.08221009 355,725
22 Bibox ABBC/BTC $0.14542149 326,366
23 Coinsbit ABBC/BTC $0.44656772 247,882
24 Coinsbit ABBC/USDT $0.56500685 207,911
25 Coinsbit ABBC/ETH $0.54463458 207,878
26 Bithumb Global ABBC/USDT $0.08223903 199,421
27 KuCoin ABBC/USDT $0.08224288 152,546
28 Indodax ABBC/IDR $0.08233271 137,332
29 KuCoin ABBC/BTC $0.08224288 75,355
30 Pionex ABBC/USDT $0.08231787 58,157
31 LATOKEN ABBC/BTC $0.08228029 18,666
32 BitMart ABBC/BTC $0.10831754 16,090
33 BW.com ABBC/USDT $0.08224422 12,975
34 Hotbit ABBC/USDT $0.08223903 11,861
35 Hotbit ABBC/BTC $0.08223903 11,422
36 BitZ ABBC/ETH $0.15390280 10,309
37 BitZ ABBC/BTC $0.15419740 8,130
38 BitMax ABBC/USDT $0.08224288 7,335
39 Biswap ABBC/BUSD $0.09730239 800
40 PancakeSwap (V2) ABBC/BUSD $0.08231787 673
41 HitBTC ABBC/BTC $0.08224288 516
42 SushiSwap (BSC) ABBC/BUSD $0.08221009 309
43 Liquid ABBC/USDT $0.08224288 279
44 Liquid ABBC/USD $0.08224288 146
45 Liquid ABBC/BTC $0.08224288 122

About Us

We were established in late 2017
wherein our founders envisioned a better solution for the current e-commerce woes such as slow payment, hefty transaction fees, and limited payment options. We present different solutions which will make online shopping and digital payments fun, secure, and easy.

We are based mainly in Dubai, UAE, and Minsk, Belarus. Nevertheless, we have established partnerships with different firms and organizations from different parts of the world. These are experts in different industries including fintech, web and mobile development, AI and AR development, and more.

We are constantly innovating to provide you the latest technology and security upgrades in the crypto and blockchain sphere. We will roll out more exciting projects in the future to ensure that our security and shopping features will improve to pave the way for
a better future of payment security.


Redefining Crypto Asset Security

Aladdin wallet is a multi-account and non-custodial wallet. It allows users to send, receive and stake their crypto conveniently and securely. Meanwhile Aladdin pro wallet gives multi-playered protection with maximum security and transparency at its core.

Seamless Crypto Transactions

Aladdin Pro Wallet gives multi-layered protection with maximum security and transparency. It is a multi-asset wallet incorporating high-level encryption for transactions. It provides seamless and secure transfers bringing enterprise-grade functionality to the public.

Global Online Shopping Experience

Coming Soon!

Buyaladdin is an online shopping marketplace application that features 100+ online stores from across the globe. It’s a USA-based platform with a goal of bringing the best online shopping experience to the users within a single platform.

A Convenient E-Survey Application

Coming Soon!

Real Research is an innovative research company that promotes fairness and innovation in the marketing research industry. With enhanced research services, it provides a credible, cost-efficient, and reliable source of market data.

Decentralized Exchange

Domino is a decentralized exchange platform that lets users seamlessly trade cryptocurrencies. Through the absence of a third party, users can expect a more efficient, safer, and faster exchange while supporting major wallets and networks.

  • icon No Collection of Personal Information
  • icon Accurate, Real-Time Market Prices
  • icon Minimal Transaction Fees


We provide a
blockchain platform that ensures seamless cryptocurrency transactions for everyone. Also, through our own digital wallet service, users can conduct transactions at their own convenience without having fear of mishandled data, stolen assets, or hacked accounts.

We offer a broad
spectrum of online shopping opportunities, for both merchants and customers alike. Merchants can register through our own shopping mall to sell their respective products, while customers can enjoy a variety of choices and better payment method using cryptocurrencies.

We have
partnered with various organizations to push through with various philanthropic initiatives. We have hosted charity events in the UAE, and we are planning to host more in the future. As we improve internally, we will also extend our influence and charity to other developing nations.

We have implemented
various security features to protect the privacy of our users and their control over their digital assets. Aside from standard security procedures, we have integrated biometrics on our systems to make sure that only the rightful owners will have access to their wallet and no one else.




The ABBC Whitepaper is the official document that consolidates the concepts, technical terms, and information about the upgrades that were implemented in the new ABBC Generation 2 Blockchain and wallet. The document also explains the intricacies behind what makes ABBC a world-class blockchain—our inspiration, blockchain migration, the Aladdin Wallet, ABBC DAO, the evolution of our business model, and our vision for long-term development.



With significant 8 years in the IT industry, Jason has successfully worn many hats throughout his career. As a full-stack developer, he was an expert in Javascript, C#, web and mobile application development. He was a highly-skilled blockchain developer turned tech entrepreneur now venturing possibilities in blockchain through initiatives of ABBC Foundation.

Founder & CEO


Arben Kane is the CSO at ABBC Foundation. He works on implementing ABBC business strategies and expanding the scope of global operations and services of our company. He is a prominent figure in the financial technology industry and held key positions in companies like Bump Networks Inc, Dittach, Dreamit Ventures, Kontur Inc, and more international projects.

Chief Strategic Officer


Zeeshan leads ABBC Foundation's technological development and solutions. With more than 5 years of professional experience as a full-stack developer and his expertise on blockchain, he is the go-to technology maven that sets the strategic direction of the company. He oversees the team of developers and ensures that all technological resources available are utilized.

Chief Technology Officer


Suresh serves as the Chief Marketing Officer in ABBC. With more than 11 years of professional experience in the Marketing industry, he plans and implements various marketing strategies that are fundamental in achieving brand recognition and user conversion. He manages the entire marketing department and leads them in the execution of marketing campaigns.

Chief Marketing Officer



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