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Market cap

60.233 M USD


39.444 M USD

# Name Pair Price Volume
Bithumb Global
ABBC/BTC 0.10877382 USD $3.355 M USD
Bithumb Global
ABBC/USDT 0.10689203 USD $3.180 M USD
ABBC/BTC 0.10949480 USD $3.138 M USD
ABBC/USD 0.10643000 USD $3.125 M USD
ABBC/USDT 0.10776616 USD $3.040 M USD
ABBC/BTC 0.10883805 USD $2.885 M USD
ABBC/BTC 0.10947328 USD $2.757 M USD
ABBC/BTC 0.10885428 USD $2.570 M USD
ABBC/BTC 0.10893817 USD $2.520 M USD
ABBC/BTC 0.10877382 USD $2.457 M USD
ABBC/ETH 0.10801767 USD $2.380 M USD
ABBC/BTC 0.10845098 USD $2.327 M USD
ABBC/USDT 0.10821486 USD $1.677 M USD
ABBC/BTC 0.10892848 USD $1.589 M USD
ABBC/ETH 0.10887403 USD $1.533 M USD
ABBC/BTC 0.25102351 USD $512,871 USD
ABBC/USDT 0.20045951 USD $436,416 USD
ABBC/BTC 0.10708127 USD $296,397 USD
ABBC/BTC 0.10763896 USD $295,772 USD
ABBC/USDT 0.10851141 USD $287,904 USD
ABBC/BTC 0.10961803 USD $151,868 USD
ABBC/BTC 0.10955780 USD $108,026 USD
ABBC/BTC 0.10719841 USD $24,654 USD
ABBC/USDT 0.10722200 USD $24,023 USD
ABBC/USDT 0.10967481 USD $20,768 USD
ABBC/ETH 0.23878071 USD $18,355 USD
ABBC/USDT 0.10270272 USD $14,763 USD
ABBC/BTC 0.12305866 USD $14,732 USD
ABBC/BTC 0.14368874 USD $12,479 USD
ABBC/USDT 0.14006536 USD $11,125 USD
ABBC/ETH 0.11300848 USD $9,630 USD
ABBC/USD 0.10789000 USD $9,118 USD
ABBC/USDT 0.10852287 USD $7,850 USD
ABBC/BTC 0.11016731 USD $7,651 USD
ABBC/BTC 0.16819052 USD $5,157 USD
DOBI Exchange
ABBC/BTC 0.05915555 USD $4,896 USD
ABBC/USDT 0.11764152 USD $3,107 USD
DOBI Exchange
ABBC/ETH 0.08403486 USD $0 USD



Aladdin Wallet is a multi-platform and multi-crypto digital asset wallet that will revolutionize crypto transactions through its built-in chat messaging function, top-level security, and extensive support for cryptocurrencies. ABBC Coin users will benefit from this wallet by offering seamless peer-to-peer crypto transfers.

Shopping Mall

Buyaladdin is a one-stop e-commerce application that will provide customers a convenient, secure, and efficient global marketplace using their cryptocurrency assets. ABBC Coin users can experience a ‘whole new world’ of online shopping with access to more than 50 major retailers and a wide range of cheap yet authentic merchandise.


Bitstorm is a Dubai-based cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to deposit, store, trade, and withdraw cryptocurrencies. ABBC Coin users can take advantage of lesser transaction fees, high throughput performance, and a significant amount of volume within various trading pairs.


We were established in late 2017, wherein our founders envisioned a better solution for the current e-commerce woes such as slow payment, hefty transaction fees, and limited payment options. We present different solutions which will make online shopping and digital payments fun, secure, and easy.

We are based mainly in Dubai, UAE, and Minsk, Belarus. Nevertheless, we have established partnerships with different firms and organizations from different parts of the world. These are experts in different industries including fintech, web and mobile development, AI and AR development, and more.

We are constantly innovating to provide you the latest technology and security upgrades in the crypto and blockchain sphere. We will roll out more exciting projects in the future to ensure that our security and shopping features will improve to pave the way for a better future of payment security.

Our Vision

We provide a blockchain platform that ensures seamless cryptocurrency transactions for everyone. Also, through our own digital wallet service, users can conduct transactions at their own convenience without having fear of mishandled data, stolen assets, or hacked accounts.

We offer a broad spectrum of online shopping opportunities, for both merchants and customers alike. Merchants can register through our own shopping mall to sell their respective products, while customers can enjoy a variety of choices and better payment method using cryptocurrencies.

We have partnered with various organizations to push through with various philanthropic initiatives. We have hosted charity events in the UAE, and we are planning to host more in the future. As we improve internally, we will also extend our influence and charity to other developing nations.

We have implemented various security features to protect the privacy of our users and their control over their digital assets. Aside from standard security procedures, we have integrated biometrics on our systems to make sure that only the rightful owners will have access to their wallet and no one else.



The ABBC Whitepaper is the official document that consolidates the concepts, technical terms, and information about the upgrades that were implemented in the new ABBC Generation 2 Blockchain and wallet. The document also explains the intricacies behind what makes ABBC a world-class blockchain—our inspiration, blockchain migration, the ABBC Wallet, ABBC DAO, the evolution of our business model, and our vision for long-term development.

Download Whitepaper


Consistently guides and empowers the team to succeed in their roles

Jason Daniel Paul Philip
Founder & CEO

With significant 8 years in the IT industry, Jason has successfully worn many hats throughout his career. As a full-stack developer, he was an expert in Javascript, C#, web and mobile application development. He was a highly-skilled blockchain developer turned tech entrepreneur now venturing possibilities in blockchain through initiatives of ABBC Foundation.

G.W Lee
Chief Strategic Officer

Geun-Woo holds the position of CSO of the ABBC Foundation. He has played key roles in working out business strategy in expanding the scope of operations and services of the company. He also serves as the CSO of TNC IT Group. With a great interest in fintech innovation, he has previously ran BTC mining in Korea.

Zeeshan Javeed
Chief Technology Officer

Zeeshan leads ABBC Foundation's technological development and solutions. With more than 5 years of professional experience as a full-stack developer and his expertise on blockchain, he is the go-to technology maven that sets the strategic direction of the company. He oversees the team of developers and ensures that all technological resources available are utilized.

Blockchain Developers Team

Kanagaraj Durai
Senior Developer

Kanagaraj gained his PHP expertise through a decade of experience in PHP back-end development. He is experienced in working with PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Codeigniter, and Zend framework. With great project management, he was integral in the development of e-commerce and blockchain platforms.
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Front End Developer

Ramees has over 5 years of experience in UI/UX and Front-End Development. He previously worked as a website development designer for various companies such as Town Technologies and Beegains Technology Solutions. Aside from web design, he also knows a number of programming languages such as JavaScript and CSS.
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Server Security Engineer

Vivek has been a cybersecurity and application security expert for more than 3 years now. He actively participates in the alpha and beta testing of our cryptocurrency wallet applications by detecting potential bugs and other software flaws. He also assists in maintaining the security of the said apps.
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Server Security Engineer

Eldho has been faithfully rendering his services to ABBC Foundation as a cybersecurity engineer since the start of 2019. He focuses on keeping hackers at bay, keeping watch for possible threats before they even surface. He also has a decent knowledge of different programming languages such as C++ and Java.
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Server Security Engineer

Ulfath Ali is well-versed in different operating systems, particularly Microsoft and Linux, with the latter being so due to his previous experience as a Unix Linux Administrator. Aside from these, he is adept in application and systems security, having at least 3 years of experience in the said craft.
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Server Security Engineer

Rudy is a cybersecurity pundit who has more than 10 years of professional experience in the said industry. He previously worked with clients across Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern companies as part of their cybersecurity and computer engineering teams. Detecting software bugs is his specialty.
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Application Developers Team

Jene Claude
Lead IOS Developer

Jene has been dealing with iOS development for more than 7 years. He has expertise in designing and building applications for Apple devices. He ensures that the codes are optimized and all updates are implemented. Along with this, he has extensive knowledge of iOS frameworks and back-end services.
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IOS Developer

Ramaraj is an iOS developer who has honed his skills upon working on this field for over 4 years. He is proficient in Objective-C, Swift, and Cocoa Touch and has mastered Apple’s design principals and application interface guidelines. He previously developed applications for the media and gaming industries.
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Finance Team

Diana Suyerbayeva
Finance Specialist

Diana began her career in HR with more than 8 years of experience as an HR specialist in Kazakhstan, but than moved to digital marketing, where she advertised to Russian-speaking countries for the past 3 years. She is qualified in treasury support with experience in budgeting, forecasting, and headcount planning.
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Sergei Khrul
Finance Specialist

Sergei is based in Belarus with 3 years of proven experience in finance. He is unmatched in his communication skills and knowledge of IT software. He consistently demonstrates excellent commercial acumen as well as expresses interest in the different trends shaping the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.
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Kazakevich, Yahor
Finance Specialist

Yahor is based in Belarus with 3 years of experience in Finance. He possesses the capacity for innovation that includes inventing a data-collection method that streamlined his teams’ productivity. He has a background in IT with the skills to use the latest financial systems and predictive analytics.
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Marketing Team

Suresh Kannan
Head of Marketing

Suresh serves as the Head of the Marketing department.With more than 9 years of professional experience in Digital Marketing, he has mastered the analytical and technical skills that are fundamental in the creation and execution of SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, brand promotions, and website development.
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Timothy Comising
Marketing Specialist

Timothy is a highly renowned freelance social media marketer with more than 7 years of experience in digital marketing. He has an extensive background in online advertising, branding, community management, communication, and public relations. He is a distinguished writer with specialization in content creation.
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Imran Rathor
Marketing Specialist

Imran has 4 years of experience in SEO, content writing, and social media marketing. He specializes in conducting research, maintaining websites and data analytics, promotional activities, and marketing campaigns. He actively participates as well in organizing events and product exhibitions.
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Ariff Budiman
Marketing Specialist

Ariff has 5 years of experience in online marketing, promotional activities, backlink creation, and campaign promotions. He is responsible for building rich content and editorial calendars that attract qualified audiences to our website and platforms, including blog posts, whitepapers, reports, and webinars.
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Aljona Kolesnikovich
Marketing Specialist

Aljona has 3 years of experience in marketing, focusing on authority link-building, forums post creation, and email marketing. She establishes closed-loop analytics with sales to understand how our inbound marketing activity turns into customers, and continually refines our process for customer conversion.
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Alexey Krivdin
Marketing Specialist

With over 4 years of experience working with Russian clients. Alexey has possessed professional insight in competitive analysis, outreach (bloggers, influencers), local marketing, and affiliate marketing. He optimizes marketing automation and lead nurturing processes through email, content, and social channels.
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Marketing Specialist

Mariem is a dedicated and idea-driven marketer who assists in evaluating the effectiveness of marketing and promotional efforts. She is equipped with great interpersonal, writing, and multimedia skills that are vital in her line of work. She is one of the brains behind ABBC’s marketing strategies.
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Marketing Specialist

Aidana is an enthusiastic marketing professional who deals with advocating professional marketing practices. She is responsible for staying on top of current trends and industry innovations by doing media monitoring and market research. She always brings fresh ideas to the execution of the marketing plan.
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Shaxnoza Toyirova
Marketing Specialist

Shaxnoza has more than 5 years of digital marketing experience in Russia. She provides marketing strategies, coordinates marketing campaigns with sales activities, as well as implements CRM. She also analyzes marketing and sales data to develop insights and make recommendations on areas for optimization.
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Lemuel M. Capisinio
Marketing Designer

Lemuel has more than 3 years of experience in digital marketing and over 5 years of experience as a videographer and content creator. He always bring fresh ideas to the table, showing it off through his innovative designs. He is skillful in Adobe applications, where he creates logos, social media posts, and more.
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Vineeth Soman
Marketing Designer

Vineeth has more than 7 years of creative experience in corporate branding, identity, advertising, concept design, and illustration, among others. He also creates templates of design for the Marketing Team to save more time when posting on social media, blogs, emails, and other channels.
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Motion Graphics Visualizer

Shameer has been into creatives and design since he started working. For almost 5 years now, he has handled various clients and designs related to multimedia campaigns, technical illustrations, and computer artworks. He consistently provides authentic ideas that translate into fascinating and excellent designs.
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Content Marketing Executive

Elvi maintains the editorial quality of posts that are published by ABBC Foundation. She writes and edits content in all forms such as newsletters, press releases, social media posts, and more. She also coordinates with other divisions for the efficient implementation of various marketing techniques.
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Technical Support Lead

Priyanka ensures that queries and suggestions from the customers are not neglected in any way. With a degree in the engineering field, she showcases exceptional skills in technical, leadership, customer service, computer competency, and multi-tasking. She deals with operations and reports on a daily basis.
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Customer Support

Ingrid is a dedicated customer support executive that maintains a positive and professional attitude towards customers. She communicates and acknowledges customer complaints and makes sure to provide appropriate responses for each. She knows the ins and outs of the ABBC technology and products thoroughly.
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Providing expert guidance in the overall direction of the organization

Arben Kane

Entrepreneur, tech visionary & startup shrink. An arbiter in the world of technology and a relentless challenger against the limitations of the human condition. Specialties: Application Designer & Developer, Desktop & Web Applications, and Product Manager in a wide variety of business applications.


Chairman of JPC Crypto Exchange, Chairman of JPC (Japan Power Corporation), Chairman of Nagoya Rotary Club, Chairman of JTOP Distribution Group, and Political Advisor to Prime Minister Shinjo Abe.


Board Member of Japan Crypto Study Group, Advisor to Osaka Business Association, Board Member of Japan Unesco, and Researcher for US State Department Parliamentarian for Japanese Diet.

Warren KD Lee

CEO & Executive Vice Chairman for KITIA, worked as Vice Mayor for International Affairs at Daegu Metropolitan City, worked as Consul General in the Korean Consulate in Nagoya, and as Minister for Economic Affairs in the Korean Embassy in China.

Jason H. Jang

Jason holds various leadership positions such as: CEO for Deboot Blockchain Consulting and Media, CIO for One Alliance, Advisor for Asian Blockchain Hub, CIO for PAYX FOUNDATION, and Ambassador of Global Blockchain Foundation.

Praneet Kumar

Co-Founder & COO of iCognitive Global - Agri10x, Co-Founder of Global Blockchain Foundation, Co-Founder of FutureTech Foundation, Co-Founder of iCybersec Global Principal, and Co-Founder of P42 Ventures.




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