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Our Exchanges

# Name Pair Price Volume
1 LBank ABBC/BTC 0.00003195 27.365 M
2 TOPBTC ABBC/BTC 0.00003000 28.171 M
3 IDAX ABBC/BTC 0.00003169 24.033 M
4 Bit-Z ABBC/BTC 0.00003000 24.841 M
5 BitForex ABBC/BTC 0.00003069 22.252 M
6 BitForex ABBC/USDT 0.16195400 20.323 M
7 OOOBTC ABBC/BTC 0.00003499 17.187 M
8 RightBTC ABBC/USD 0.16804000 18.409 M
9 RightBTC ABBC/BTC 0.00003199 16.161 M
10 Bit-Z ABBC/ETH 0.00096000 16.284 M
11 RightBTC ABBC/ETH 0.00101970 14.792 M
12 DOBI ABBC/BTC 0.00002899 16.442 M
13 P2PB2B ABBC/USD 0.17911000 12.958 M
14 DOBI ABBC/ETH 0.00105000 11.845 M
15 DragonEX ABBC/USDT 0.17280000 11.681 M
16 BITKER ABBC/BTC 0.00003297 11.083 M
17 P2PB2B ABBC/BTC 0.00003299 8.193 M
18 BitMart ABBC/BTC 0.00003240 8.003 M
19 BITKER ABBC/ETH 0.00110000 6.060 M
20 CoinBene ABBC/BTC 0.00003096 3.128 M
21 ZBG ABBC/USDT 0.16990000 1.624 M
22 Coinsuper ABBC/BTC 0.00003130 69,275
23 FCoin ABBC/BTC 0.00003595 1,000
24 Livecoin ABBC/BTC 0.00003298 730
25 FCoin ABBC/USDT 0.18423000 249

ABBC Coin is a cryptocurrency that has the goal of bringing the Future of Payment Security to its users. ABBC Coin runs on blockchain, a powerful peer-to-peer global infrastructure that can move and exchange value and represent the ownership of digital assets.


The developers aim to apply the facial recognition technology to add a layer of security in blockchain transactions. The X13 algorithm applied in ABBC Coin consists of 13 different hashing functions. It’s one of the most reliable algorithms in the modern world of cryptocurrencies.

ABBC Coin is currently one of the leading altcoins in the world by market capitalization. It recently entered above the $100 Million USD market capitalization mark and joined the ranks of the top 100 coins in the world.

The project is developed by ABBC Foundation, led by CEO Jason Daniel Paul Philip with teams working around the globe.

Our Partners

Our Technology


ABBC Coin will be used to purchase goods from online shopping malls. ABBC Foundation is developing a online shopping mall project which will integrate cryptocurrencies as payment options so you can use your token or coins for online shopping.

Facial Recognition
Facial Recognition

ABBC Coin will operate in a platform where you can Pay With Your Face! ABBC Coin’s facial recognition technology has the capability to add a layer of security to cryptocurrency transactions. ABBC Coin aims to integrate facial recognition to blockchain transactions especially when purchasing goods from online shopping malls.

Coming Soon
Mc Wallet
MC Wallet

ABBC Multi Crypto Wallet can safely store your cryptocurrencies. Our MC Wallet supports ABBC Coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Qtum, and Litecoin. It also implements the facial recognition feature. We are constantly upgrading and addressing any possible security issues in our MC Wallet.

Coming Soon