Shopping Mall

In today’s generation, online shopping is very evident. People are looking for ways to make their online shopping experience more accessible, secure, and affordable. With the use of bank cards and PayPal services, somehow this problem is being resolved. But with digital currencies willing to emerge now into the e-commerce business, customers should brace themselves for another breakthrough in the digital finance market.

Having created one of the top cryptocurrencies in the world, ABBC Foundation is now introducing a payment-sharing system for online shopping malls, designed using its blockchain technology. It is focused on developing an infrastructure that will create a global marketplace for the ABBC holders and the whole community.

E-commerce businesses will be targeted to set in motion the use of ABBC Coin as a mode of payment in purchasing goods and services in online shopping malls. The company is developing an enhanced facilitated payment technique that will give the customers a better and more convenient shopping experience.

ABBC will partner with leading online shopping platforms that will benefit from the company’s innovations such as its high-tech features like the face recognition that could make a more efficient transaction process. As ABBC broadens its scope to a global audience, the modern online market could optimize in terms of distribution, finance, shopping, and security.

Nationwide and global companies, all the way down to small and medium enterprises will be offered a decentralized platform that could make people’s daily lives and transactions easier. After which people will then be drawn to the convenience and benefits of using cryptocurrencies when buying through online shopping malls.

The benefits of using ABBC coin in shopping mall operations include less transaction fees and exchange rates deductions compared to credit cards and fiat currencies; and capability to collect reward points according to the total amount of online purchases spent. ABBC MC Wallet users and online shopping enthusiasts can take advantage of these premium assets.

Standing as the “Future of Payment Security,” ABBC will be one of the primary cryptocurrencies accepted in online shopping payment options. Upon completion of this huge step, block chain technology will become widely-accepted as part of the e-commerce industry. Sooner than later, virtual currencies will be dominating the digital economy and ABBC will be on the front line.

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