Facial Recognition Technology


What is facial recognition?

Facial recognition is a biometric software application that can identify and verify a person based on their facial features. It matches and measures unique characteristics for the purpose of identification.


How does facial recognition work?

Facial recognition software uses deep learning algorithms to compare a real or digital image with a saved original screenshot to verify a person’s identity. It works by searching for two different images with subsequent matching of files in order to search for similarities.


Facial recognition application in ABBC Coin

ABBC foundation uses facial recognition to help customers make payments for products or services by simply glancing at their phone or tablet. This makes transactions quick and easy. It removes identification from what you know, such as a password, to who you actually are.


How secure is facial recognition technology?

High-quality facial recognition systems, such as the one used by the ABBC platform, are 99.7% accurate and can tell the difference between similar face structures. Facial recognition systems have been tested at government level in a number of countries and have been proved to be more difficult to crack than older technologies like fingerprint scanners.

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