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How to Buy ABBC Coin on our Partner Exchanges

DISCLAIMER: The contents of this blog post is for informational purposes only. If seeking financial advice, please consult with a financial advisor.

We at ABBC are constantly working on different ways to revolutionize the cryptocurrency and e-commerce industry. With our new ABBC Wallet and online shopping platform, Buyaladdin, ABBC is striving to go beyond what other altcoins are offering.

ABBC Coin (ABBC) is currently one of the top cryptocurrencies on the market. As of the making of this post, ABBC is listed in 32 active markets or exchanges. It has trading pairs with BTC, ETH, and USDT. We are looking to make our coin available in many more exchanges that provide safe and user-friendly services to promote adoption.

Buying ABBC from our list of partnered exchanges should be a manageable task. Follow our instructional guide below and let us assist your efforts.

How to Get ABBC Through Exchanges

When you decide to purchase some ABBC, you would have to go to one of the exchange websites that ABBC is listed on such as Bitmart, BitForex, and CoinAll, to name a few. Once you enter the site, simply follow our instructions. This guide is applicable to people who do not have existing accounts on exchanges or never experienced purchasing cryptos before.

  1. Create an account on the exchange website of your choice. Personal details like email, full name, and/or phone number are required.
  2. Enter the required payment details. This should grant you the ability to purchase BTC, ETH, USDT.
  3. Purchase coins by selecting which currency you’re interested in purchasing. (Note: ABBC is paired with BTC, ETH, and USDT, depending on the exchange selected.)
  4. After purchasing and obtaining your coins, click the ‘exchange’ tab on the site you purchased your crypto.
  5. You will then enter a page with a live chart illustrating the current prices of desired cryptocurrency.
  6. After selecting the desired exchange pairing (i.e. ABBC/BTC) you can decide how much ABBC you would like then the exchange is performed automatically.
  7. Upon receiving your ABBC Coins, we strongly recommend you to download our ABBC Wallet and send your cryptocurrency there rather than storing it with the exchange.
  8. Download and register an account within our wallet and receive your unique account name.
  9. Enter your unique account name on the exchange site and send your funds to your wallet.

And just like that, your ABBC Coin is now accessible in your ABBC Wallet. You can exchange it with other desired cryptocurrency or, by next month, users will be able to make purchases on the Buyaladdin shopping platform.

Positive Outlook on ABBC

As we prepare for a user base of over 100 million in our Buyaladdin shopping platform, we already possess a list of leading retailers that will have their products listed on the platform including Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and many more. Expect that list to expand as we cater our platform to more and more users. These major retailers have incorporated a list of cryptocurrencies into their payment systems that include BTC, ETH, and ABBC.

We are constantly innovating our technology and security to provide our users with excellent services. With that in mind, we also strive to be one of the cryptocurrencies that will transform the world of e-commerce. We are also working to turn ABBC Coin into a preferred cryptocurrency to users by forming partnerships with well-known, secure, and user-friendly exchanges all across the globe.

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